Most Valuable (expensive) Footballers in South Asia

Most Valuable Footballers in South Asia at each country
SAFF Region: South Asian Football Federation;

This list is made by Transfermarkt – The football website for transfers, market values, rumors, and stats. The website posted on its official Instagram about the most valuable players in Asia at each country. From the information provided by the website, we have taken out the most valuable players in the South Asian region at every country.

Watch the video below to know who is the most valuable footballers in South Asia

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List of most expensive footballers in South Asia from each county.

Jamal Bhuyan (Bangladesh)– € 125000

Akram Abdul Ghanee (Maldives)– €75,000

Ahmed Waseem (Sri Lanka)– €100,000

Chencho Gyeltshen (Bhutan)– €150,000

Mohammad Adnan (Pakistan) €200,000

Gurpreet Singh (India)– €275,000

Rohit Chand (Nepal)– €275,000

Nepal’s Rohit Chand who plays in Indonesian League and India’s Gurpreet Singh who plays in Indian Super League are the most valuable player in the South Asian region. According to Transfermarkt, their market value is €275,000.

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