Deepa Shahi Ruled Out of Indian Women’s League 2023

Deepa Shahi Ruled Out of Indian Women’s League 2023 Due to Eligibility Issues

Dipa Shahi, Nepali Women’s National Team player, cannot play for Lord’s Football Academy in the Indian Women’s League due to eligibility issues. She is under 18 and a foreign player, which means she cannot sign a professional or amateur contract. This is a setback for her career, and she will not be able to play for the team in Kochi. Aleph Sports Management had helped facilitate the move.

However, despite this setback, the Indian Women’s League is set to feature a lot of Nepal internationals this season. This adds an extra layer of excitement to the tournament. The league, which is set to kick off on April 25, is expected to have the best of women’s football in India.

While Dipa Shahi’s absence from Lord’s Football Academy will be a blow to the team’s campaign, the tournament promises to be a fiercely competitive one, with a number of young and upcoming players looking to make their mark. The Indian Women’s League has become a major platform for women’s football in India, and the inclusion of Nepal internationals only adds to the growing popularity of the sport in the subcontinent.

While Dipa Shahi’s hopes of playing for Lord’s Football Academy may have been dashed this season, the Indian Women’s League promises to be a thrilling competition, with plenty of talent on display. Football fans from Nepal will be excited to see young talents emerge and become stars in the Indian Women’s League.

Sabitra Bhandari with Gokulam Kerala FC

Gokulam Kerala, the reigning champions of the league, will be looking to defend their title. One player who will be vital to their chances of success is Nepali striker Sabitra Bhandari. Bhandari will once again don the jersey of Gokulam this season. She is widely regarded as one of the best in the region and will be a key player for Gokulam. The club is ready to conquer the Indian Women’s League 2023 for the third time in a row.

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