Deepa Shahi Signs with India’s Lord’s Football Academy Kochi

Midfielder Deepa Shahi has signed a contract with Kerala-based Lord’s FA Kochi

Nepali Women’s National Team midfielder Dipa Shahi has made a significant move in her football career by signing with India’s top division club, Lord’s Football Academy. The sought-after midfielder has been signed by the newly promoted club for the duration of the Indian Women’s League 2023. The ideal was facilitated by Bangalore-based Aleph Sports Management.

Shahi follows in the footsteps of fellow Nepali footballers Sabitra Bhandari and Anita Basnet. They have previously played in the Indian top division. Bhandari has won the league with Sethu FC and Gokulam Kerala, while Basnet also claimed the title with Sethu FC when they played together. Bhandari has already signed with Gokulam Kerala for the upcoming season as the team aims to win the league for the third consecutive time.

For the new season, Sethu FC has also made notable signings of Nepali players, including Gita Rana, Angela Tumbapo Subba, and Saru Limbu. However, they were unable to participate in the league as the previous dates were shifted. The All India Football Federation (AIFF), the apex body of Indian football, has scheduled the league to begin on April 25.

Nepali Women’s Football Gets a Boost as Deepa Shahi Joins Lord’s Football Academy

Shahi’s rise in Nepali women’s football has been impressive. She was selected for the first time in the Nepal national team for the 2022 SAFF Women’s Championship. The 2022 edition was held in Kathmandu, where she made her debut with a win against Bhutan. One of her favorite moments in her football career was scoring a goal against Sri Lanka. The goal came in the same edition of the SAFF Women’s Championship 2022.

With her signing for Lord’s Football Academy, Shahi has opened up new opportunities for herself. This will further develop her football career and also contribute to the growth of women’s football in Nepal. Her move to the Indian top division club is a significant milestone for Nepali women’s football. Similarly, it highlights the increasing recognition and opportunities for women in the sport in the country.

As Shahi and other Nepali players continue to make their mark in the Indian Women’s League, it is expected to inspire more young girls in Nepal to pursue their passion for football and achieve their dreams in the sport.

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