8th Birat Gold Cup Final: Machchhindra to Face Shangrila Morang

Machchhindra Football Club has secured a spot in the finals of the ongoing Birat Gold Cup 2080 Football Tournament in Biratnagar after a gripping semifinal clash against Sikkim Dragon at Martyr Stadium. Their hard-fought victory sets the stage for an epic showdown against hometown favourites, Shangrila Morang FA, in the ultimate battle for the championship title.

In a nail-biting encounter, Machchhindra emerged triumphant thanks to Ayush Ghalan’s spectacular 94th-minute goal, earning him the well-deserved ‘man of the match’ award for his pivotal role in the team’s success.

Shangrila Morang FA also secured their place in the final by defeating the Armed Police Force (APF) departmental team in a thrilling match the previous day. Now, electrifying final clash between Machchhindra Club and Shangrila Morang FA as they vie for the prestigious Birat Gold Cup title.

The tournament organizers have announced a substantial cash prize of Rs 1.1 million for the champions. Similarly, the runners-up will receive Rs 550,000.

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