Nepal vs Bangladesh in Women’s U19 SAFF Championship Opener

Nepal vs Bangladesh Women’s U19 SAFF Championship 2024 Opener: Follow Live Updates on

In a highly anticipated event, Nepal’s women’s U19 football team is gearing up for their first match against host Bangladesh in the SAFF Championship 2024. This marks a significant moment for both teams as they kick off their journey in the competition. The match is scheduled to commence at 6:45 PM Nepali time.

Historically, Nepal has faced Bangladesh on seven occasions, with Bangladesh emerging victorious in six encounters, and one match ending in a draw. The Nepali women’s team has yet to secure a win against their Bangladeshi counterparts, adding to the intensity of today’s match.

With Bangladesh triumphing in the two previous final showdowns between the teams, Nepal is fueled by a desire for redemption this time around. The team is brimming with determination and has undergone rigorous preparation ahead of their clash in Bangladesh.

Nepal vs Bangladesh will be live below: Please wait for the live to begin

MatchNepal vs. Bangladesh Women’s U19 SAFF Championship 2024
Previous EncountersNepal: 0 Wins, 1 Draw<br> Bangladesh: 6 Wins
Kickoff Time6:45 PM Nepali Time

ou can catch the live action of this match on our website Be sure to follow the website regularly and refresh the page for updates as the game unfolds.

Similarly, India will take on Bhutan, promising another exciting showdown. Bhutan’s junior team has shown remarkable progress in recent years, emerging as a formidable force on the field. Their strong performance suggests they will provide a tough challenge for India. Expectations are high for an intense and captivating match between these two teams.

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