Kuwait to Participate in SAFF Championship 2023 as Seventh Team

SAFF Championship 2023: Kuwait Joins South Asian Teams in Biennial Football Competition in Bangalore

Kuwait has been announced as the seventh team to participate in the SAFF Championship 2023. SAFF is a biennial football competition organized by the SAFF and is contested by national teams from South Asia. However, Sri Lanka will not be participating due to a FIFA ban.

With SAFF’s willingness to invite two teams from outside the SAFF region, Kuwait will be one of the two teams competing. Saudi Arabia and Malaysia declined the proposal to play the SAFF. The tournament is scheduled to take place in Bangalore, India, from June 21 to July 4, 2023.

The SAFF Championship is a high level football event in South Asia. The Executive Committee’s decision to endorse the AIFF’s proposal to host the championship in Bengaluru is a significant boost for Indian football and the state of Bangalore.

Bengaluru has been a major center for football in India, hosting several high-profile matches and tournaments in recent years. Football fans across the region are eagerly awaiting the championship, and Kuwait’s participation is expected to make the competition even more challenging for the teams competing.

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