Head Coach Vincenzo Annese Requests League Halt for SAFF Championships 2023 Preparation

Exciting developments are taking place in Nepalese football as preparations for the SAFF Championship are underway. With the league season drawing to a close on June 10, there is a limited 11-day gap before the highly anticipated tournament kicks off on June 21 in Bangalore, India. However, discussions have arisen regarding the possibility of concluding the league season earlier to allow for more preparation time.

Head coach Vincenzo, who has been instrumental in Nepal’s recent success, has expressed his desire for additional time to adequately prepare the team for the upcoming championship. Recognizing the importance of proper preparation, Vincenzo believes that a longer training period would greatly benefit the team’s chances in the SAFF Championship.

On top of the tight schedule, Nepal is also scheduled to travel to the Philippines for a friendly match during this brief window of time. These fixtures are crucial in terms of team bonding and fine-tuning strategies before heading into the SAFF Championship.

While the coach has requested an adjustment to the schedule, the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) remains firm in their commitment to the originally published schedule.

The ANFA’s stance demonstrates their confidence in the team’s abilities and their belief that Nepal will be ready to face the challenges of the SAFF Championship. Fans and supporters eagerly await the outcome of these discussions and are optimistic about Nepal’s chances in the tournament.

As the days count down, football enthusiasts across the nation eagerly anticipate Nepal’s participation in the SAFF Championship 2023.

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