Top scorers of Martyr’s Memorial A-Division League 2023 ( 2079 )

Highest goal scorers in Memorial A-Division League 2023 ( 2079 B.S. )

“The 2023 Martyr’s Memorial A-Division League (Nepali: शहीद स्मारक ए डिभिजन लिग २०७९) is the 45th edition of the league since its establishment in 1954-55. This season, 14 teams are competing for the title.”

Here is a list of players with the most goals in the league this season.

1. Afeez Olawale Oladipo (Machhindra) – 23 goals

2. Messouke Oloumou (Khumaltar) – 18 goals

3. Masoabi Nkoto (Jawalakhel) – 16 goals

4. Rafiq Aminu ( Freinds ) – 14 Goals

5. Dipak Raj Thakuri (Satdobato) – 12 goals

6. Stéphane Samir Binong (Khumaltar) – 10 goals

7. Koffi Timothée Koudo (Manang Marshyangdi) – 9 goals

8. Fode Fofana (Jawalakhel) – 8 goals

9. Armand Beadum (Nepal APF) – 8 goals

10. Nawayug Shrestha ( Nepal Army ) – 8 goals

Martyr’s Memorial A Division League 2079 – Top Scorers

The league’s current top scorers are in a tight race for the title of highest goal scorer, with Dipak Raj Thakuri from Satdobato, Masoabi Nkoto from Jawalakhel, and Messouke Oloumou from Khumaltar all tied at the top of the league’s goal-scoring ranking with an impressive 10 goals each.

Watch Online, TV; Martyr’s Memorial ‘A’ Division League 2023

Here is the full information on where you can catch all the live matches of the Martyr’s Memorial A-Division League 2023.

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