Sabitra Bhandari: Rising to Challenges in French League

In her second match against FC Fleury 91, Sabitra Bhandari struggled to make a significant impact on the field. Despite her limited playing time, she faced challenges in getting possession of the ball and contributing to the game.

Entering the match in the 78th minute with her team leading 3-0, Sabitra had little opportunity to show her talents, and her team conceded a goal later, ending the match with a 3-1 victory.

Looking ahead to the next match against PSG, Sabitra hopes for more opportunities to display her skills and contribute meaningfully to her team’s performance. As she continues her journey with En Avant Guingamp, she remains determined to make a positive impact on the field in the matches to come.

Playing against PSG will be a proud moment for Sabitra Bhandari, as the club ranks among the best women’s teams globally. Currently competing in the Champions League and advancing to the quarter-finals, PSG represents a formidable opponent, making the upcoming match a significant opportunity for Sabitra to test her skills against top-tier competition.

Q: Where can I watch Sabitra Bhandari playing live in the French league?

You can catch the live matches of Sabitra Bhandari on Simply click on the “Live” button to watch her in action.

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