Nepal lost to England ‘C’ 2-0 in friendly match 2024

In a captivating showdown amidst the rain-soaked ambience of Aldershot, Paul Fairclough’s non-League Lions triumphed in style, clinching a commanding 2-0 win over the visiting Nepal national team.

The EBB Stadium at Aldershot Town bore witness to an electrifying encounter on Monday afternoon as England C graciously hosted the Gorkhalis from Nepal. Amidst the downpour, over 5500 fervent fans, including the esteemed presence of FA Chair Debbie Hewitt, congregated to witness history unfold.

The stage was set for a spectacle, as the rain poured down, but it failed to dampen the spirits of the eager spectators. From the onset, England surged ahead with relentless fervor, seizing control of the game with an early seventh-minute opener. Nicke Kabamba, ever the opportunist, soared high to connect with a precise cross from the dynamic duo of Johnny Goddard and Ollie Harfield, breaking the deadlock with a deft header that sent the crowd into raptures.

But England’s appetite for goals was insatiable. Just six minutes later, they doubled their lead in emphatic fashion. A corner kick turned calamitous for the visitors, allowing Callum Stead to pounce on the loose ball and slot home with clinical precision, leaving the Nepalese defense in disarray.

The onslaught continued unabated as England unleashed a barrage of attacks, with Jack Payne and Goddard testing the resolve of Nepal’s custodian, Limbu, who stood firm amidst the relentless pressure.

Resilient Nepal Stages Brave Comeback Efforts in Second-Half Battle

As the second half unfolded, England showed no signs of easing off, with early opportunities thwarted by desperate defending from the Gorkhalis. Yet, Nepal rallied bravely, mustering their first real chance of the game, only to be denied by the acrobatics of substitute goalkeeper Elliot Justham.

The encounter was not without its share of drama as Nepal sought to claw their way back into contention. A spirited surge down the flanks saw Gillespye Jung Karki and Sanjeeb Bista come agonizingly close, but luck deserted them as the woodwork denied their endeavors.

For England C, this resounding victory served as redemption following a narrow defeat to Wales C in March. Meanwhile, Nepal turns their gaze towards the horizon, bracing themselves for the challenges that await in the upcoming World Cup 2026 qualifiers against the U.A.E and Yemen.

In the heart of Aldershot, amidst the pitter-patter of raindrops, football once again proved its unifying power, bridging communities and igniting the spirit of camaraderie. With memories etched in the annals of sporting history, the non-League Lions roared triumphant, leaving an indelible mark on the sodden turf of Aldershot.

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