FC Chitwan’s first ever win in Nepal Super League

Historic Victory for FC Chitwan in Nepal Super League

In a thrilling encounter, FC Chitwan secured their first-ever victory in the Nepal Super League, marking a historic moment for the club. After a challenging first season with six matches resulting in two draws and no wins, the team showcased resilience and determination in the current season, playing two matches with one draw and one loss before achieving this significant milestone.

The breakthrough came in the total ninth game when FC Chitwan faced off against Birgunj United. In a closely contested match, FC Chitwan emerged victorious with a 2-1 scoreline.

Iconic player Bimal Gharti Magar ignited the celebration for FC Chitwan by netting a crucial goal in the 29th minute. The first half saw FC Chitwan taking the lead. Birgunj United responded strongly in the second half. They leveled the score with a header goal from Aikins Kyei Baffour in the 55th minute.

The turning point came in the 65th minute when Torric Jebrin, with a brilliant display of skill, found the back of the net, securing a 2-1 lead for FC Chitwan. This goal proved to be the decisive moment, sealing the historic victory for the club.

Torric Jebrin’s outstanding performance did not go unnotice, as he was rightfully awarded the Man of the Match title. He was also presented with a cash prize of Nepali Rupees 30,000 for his pivotal role in the team’s triumph.

FC Chitwan and their fans now bask in the glory of this long-awaited victory, savoring the sweet taste of success in the Nepal Super League.

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