How Anjana Rana Magar Got Into Football and Became a Goalkeeper

Anjana Rana Magar is a goalkeeper for Nepal’s women’s football team and a vital member of the squad. Her journey into football began at the age of 11, despite having no initial interest in this game. Her mother, however, saw her potential and encouraged her to play, often using both scolding and motivation to keep her daughter focused.

Anjana’s mother was inspired by senior women player Anu Lama, who played for Nepal and scored many goals. Seeing Anu Lama travel to foreign countries and represent Nepal, Anjana’s mother envisioned a similar future for her daughter.

In the early days, Anjana’s mother would take her to football training on a bicycle. She was determined to see her daughter succeed and bought her jerseys and boots to start her training. Financial difficulties often meant Anjana had to train barefoot, but her mother always found a way to buy the necessary gear.

After starting her football training, she faced a setback when, a year later, she didn’t have boots to play. Forced to brave the winter season barefoot, she endured injuries and found it increasingly challenging to keep up. Frustrated and disheartened, she made the difficult decision to quit football. She had already stopped playing football and going to training for almost a month.

However, her mother, recognizing her daughter’s passion and determination, refused to let her dreams fade away. Despite financial constraints, she reached out to their neighbour and managed to borrow enough money to purchase a pair of boots for her daughter.

With renewed hope and gratitude, the young athlete laced up her new boots and returned to training. Although she had taken some time away from the sport, her spirit remained unbroken. With each step, she pushed through the pain and setbacks, fueled by her mother’s unwavering support and her own unyielding determination.

This unwavering support led to Anjana being selected for Nepal’s Under-14 team, marking the beginning of her path to the national team. Anjana takes great pride in playing for her nation and wearing the national team shirt.

Why Anjana Rana Magar Chose to Become a Goalkeeper?

Initially, Anjana played as a striker, believing that scoring goals was the essence of football. However, her coach Sher Bahadur Darlami saw her potential as a goalkeeper due to her height. Although she was reluctant and disagreed at first, her coach convinced her mother that Anjana would excel in this position. She then started training as a goalkeeper.

Today, Anjana Rana Magar is one of the best goalkeepers in the country. She currently plays for the Nepal Army Football Club, continuing to demonstrate her skills and dedication on the field. Rana Magar parents, especially her mother, who motivated her from the initial stage, are incredibly proud of her achievements.

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