RC 32 Club Secures Convincing 3-0 Victory Over Bagmati Youth Club

In a captivating match that showed their prowess on the field, RC 32 Academy delivered an emphatic 3-0 win against Bagmati Youth Club in the ongoing Martyr’s Memorial ‘C’ Division League 2024. The victory not only highlighted RC 32’s strength as a cohesive unit but also celebrated individual brilliance, particularly from the talented Bibek Santoshi.

The game ignited with fervour as both teams fiercely contested for control of the ball. However, it was RC 32 Academy who swiftly gained the upper hand, with Babin Bohara setting the tone with a precise strike in the 10th minute.

Undeterred by Bagmati Youth Club’s attempts to retaliate, RC 32 maintained their momentum, dominating possession and dictating the tempo of the game. This relentless pressure paid off as Bibek Santoshi showed his exceptional skill and determination, seizing the opportunity to score a remarkable brace.

Santoshi’s first goal came in the 28th minute. The young talent wasn’t finished yet, as he displayed his scoring prowess once again in the 68th minute, securing his second goal of the match.

With this triumph, RC 32 Academy claims their second consecutive win in the Martyr’s Memorial ‘C’ Division League 2024, signalling their intent to dominate the competition. As the league progresses, RC 32’s seems more strong in the league

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