Top Goal Scorers of Nepal Football Team Till 2024

Who are the Top 5 Goal Scorers for Nepal’s National Football Team?

Nepal boasts a rich footballing history, with talented players who have consistently found the net for the national team. Here, we unveil the top goal scorers of Nepal who have left their mark on Nepali football:

1. Anjan Bista (13 Goals) & (Joint Top Scorer)

Anjan Bista, a current star for Nepal, leads the pack with 13 goals. The skilled and dedicated striker remains a vital asset, with many anticipating him becoming the all-time top scorer in the near future.

1. Hari Khadka (13 Goals) & (Joint Top Scorer)

A legendary figure, Hari Khadka also holds the top scorer position with 13 goals. Khadka’s passion and on-field performances have inspired generations of Nepali footballers, leaving a lasting legacy on the sport.

1. Nirajan Rayamajhi (13 Goals) & (Joint Top Scorer)

Sharing the top spot with 13 goals is Nirajan Rayamajhi. His contributions to the national team have been immense, inspiring aspiring footballers with his dedication.

4. Jumanu Rai (11 Goals)

Jumanu Rai, known for his striking ability, has netted 11 goals for Nepal. He has played a pivotal role in many crucial matches, earning him a special place among football fans.

5. Anil Gurung (10 Goals) & (Joint Top Scorer)

Another prolific scorer is Anil Gurung, with 10 goals to his name. His agility and skill have made him a constant threat to opposing defenses, solidifying his position as one of Nepal’s finest strikers.

5. Bharat Khawas (10 Goals) & (Joint Top Scorer)

Tied with Anil Gurung is Bharat Khawas, who also has 10 goals for Nepal. Known for his speed and precision, Khawas has consistently delivered under pressure, proving to be a valuable asset for the national team.

Note: This list celebrates the top goal scorers of Nepal who have propelled Nepali football forward. Their dedication and talent continue to inspire future generations of footballers. This list is up to 2024. For current active goal scorer updates, follow our site

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