Social Welfare Sports Centre (SWSC) Football Club

Social Welfare Sports Centre (SWSC) Football Club is situated in Nayabazar, Kathmandu. SWSC was founded in the year 2068 B.S. through the sincere efforts of local energetic youth groups, the real goal to divert the youths from bad indulgence.

Club SWSC tries to promote teamwork, discipline, and a positive attitude through footballing, helping to cultivate young people of different ages into valuable citizens. Likewise, SWSC has always been very active: training children under 12 and under 16, organizing small football matches. Similarly, they have community promotion programs such as providing safe drinking water, immunizations, and assisting local children in obtaining tuition and scholarships.

Also, SWSC is a C-Division club in Nepali football. They play Martyr’s Memorial ‘C’ Division League which is the third division club of the All Nepal Football Association in Nepal.

Official Logo of SWSC Football Club

Social Welfare Sports Centre Football Club
Official Facebook Page: Social Welfare Sports Center Club
Location: Nayabazar, Dhara, Kathmandu
Phone Number: 985-1030980
Mailing Address: [email protected]

Night Football Training in SWSC Ground, Nayabazar

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SWSC Ground, Nayabazar, Kathmandu

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