SAFF Championship to be held in September 2021


SAFF Championship – September 2021;
The South Asian Football Federation Championship will be held in September next year that is 2021. This was distinct by the South Asian Football Council at the Executive Committee meeting. According to the calendar, the SAFF Championship will be in Bangladesh from September 14th to 25th.

The meeting approved the revised SAFF statue and the rules of the SAFF General Assembly. Similarly, the SAFF election law, SAFF 2021 competition calendar, budget, and audited accounts for the fiscal year 2019 also approved through the meeting.

Also, the SAFF U-19 Women’s Championship will be from 2021 July 13 to 22. SAFF U-15 Women’s Championship will be from 2021 October 1 to 10. Similarly, SAFF U-18 Women’s Championship will be held from October 15 to 24. Held every day.

SAFF Championship – September 2021

Next year’s edition will be the 13th edition of the SAFF Championship, the biggest football tournament in South Asia. 12th edition was also hosted by Bangladesh. Maldives were the champions of the 2018 SAFF Championship. Maldives defeated India 2-1 in the final. All the matches were played at Bangabandhu national stadium in Dhaka.

Official SAFF (South Asian Football Federation Championship)

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