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Rohit Chand the highest-earning footballer in Nepal

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Rohit Chand has achieved a lot in football. His continuous hard-work in football has given him huge success. He has shown an amazing performance in the Indonesian league. He made his club Persija Jakarta champions of Indonesian League 2018 Liga 1. Rohit Chand is now the highest-earning footballer in Nepali football.

It is estimated that his salary is about 8 to 9,000 US dollars in a month. This means that he earns about 10 Lakh Nepali rupees in a month. Because of his hard work in a foreign country Indonesia, it is possible for him to be one of the highest-earning athletes in the country.

Rohit Chand who made his debut for Nepal national team in 2009 is an important member of the national team and club Persija Jakarta. Rohit Chand is famous among Persija fans in Indonesia and Nepali football fans.


Chand played for Indonesian club Persija Jakarta in two periods i.e. 2013 to 2015 and 2017 to the present. In 2016 Rohit Chand joined the Malaysian club T-team FC. He was injured in training with the club in Kuala Terengganu,  Malaysia.

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News Source: Huge salary of Rohit Chand
(Rohit Chand Highest Earning Footballer)

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