Nepali Football: FIFA Rank Drops, South Asia’s Positioning Unveiled

The latest FIFA Rankings have unfurled a tale of turbulence for the Nepal national football team as they descend three spots to 178th globally. This downturn follows a string of disappointing performances in the FIFA World Cup 2026 & AFC Asian Cup 2027 Qualifiers.

As the rankings divulged, South Asia’s football landscape came under scrutiny, showcasing a mix of positions among the regional contingents. India leads the charge, stationed at 121st globally, continuing to set the benchmark for football prowess in the region. Trailing behind, Maldives occupies the 161st spot, demonstrating a moderate standing amidst South Asian competitors.

Bangladesh, standing at 184th, and Bhutan, following closely at 185th, maintain a tight margin in their FIFA Rankings. Pakistan and Sri Lanka round off the South Asian list, seated at 195th and 204th positions, respectively, signifying the diverse challenges and aspirations within the regional football fraternity.

With Nepal’s recent dip in rankings adding to the narrative, the South Asian football spectrum paints a vivid picture of teams striving for recognition and excellence on the global stage.

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