Nepal Women’s Football Live and Fixtures Details – Asian Games

Nepal’s Historic Debut: 2022 Asian Games Women’s Football Journey – Fixtures and Live Details

The 2022 Asian Games, scheduled from September 22 to October 6, 2023, in China, mark a historic moment for Nepal’s women’s football team. This tournament holds particular significance as it signifies Nepal’s debut appearance in women’s football at the Asian Games.

However, the challenge ahead is formidable, as Nepal finds itself placed in Group D alongside football powerhouses Japan and Vietnam, as well as Bangladesh. Japan and Vietnam have consistently ranked among Asia’s best teams, making Group D one of the most competitive in the tournament.

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Title: Nepal Women’s Football Team 2022 Asian Games Match Schedule

September 22, 2023Vietnam
September 25, 2023Japan
September 28, 2023Bangladesh

Nepal’s women’s football team is gearing up for an exciting journey at the 2022 Asian Games, with matches scheduled against Vietnam, Japan, and Bangladesh.

They kickstart their campaign against Vietnam on September 22, 2023, followed by a challenging clash with Japan on September 25, and then face off against Bangladesh on September 28. This series of matches promises to be a significant test for Nepal’s team as they make their debut in women’s football at the Asian Games, going up against formidable opponents from the Asian football powerhouse.

Despite the tough competition, Nepal’s participation in this prestigious event is a testament to their dedication and growth in women’s football, and it’s a moment that promises to inspire a new generation of athletes and fans in the country. Nepal’s journey in the 2022 Asian Games will undoubtedly be a source of pride and excitement for their supporters as they embrace this new and challenging chapter in their football history.

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