Nepal vs Bangladesh: SAFF Women’s U16 2024 – Live Action

Excitement brews as Nepal prepares to clash with Bangladesh in the Women’s SAFF U16 Championship 2024. With Bangladesh boasting a formidable team at this age level, anticipation for this match is soaring. The kickoff is scheduled for 3 PM Nepali time on March 2, 2024.

The match will be broadcast live on Gorkhali Football’s website, offering fans easy access to the action. Links to the match and video streaming are readily available on the dedicated page. Don’t miss out on this thrilling encounter as Nepal gears up for the tournament.

In previous encounters, Bangladesh has emerged victorious three times against Nepal, while Nepal has secured just one win, with the remaining games ending in 2 draws.

Both teams have claimed a title each in this age format, adding an extra layer of significance to this showdown.

Get ready for a captivating spectacle as Nepal aims to make its mark in the championship. Tune in and witness the excitement unfold as these two talented teams vie for supremacy on the field.

EventNepal vs Bangladesh: SAFF Women’s U16 2024
DateMarch 2, 2024
Time3:00 PM Nepali Time
Previous EncountersNepal: 1 win, Bangladesh: 3 wins, Draws: 2
Tournament TitlesNepal: 1, Bangladesh: 1

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