Nepal Likely to Host 2023 SAFF Championship as Only Bidder

The 14th edition of the highly anticipated SAFF Championship 2023 will begin in June, with the selection of the host nation determined through an open bid/tender process. On January 2nd, 2023, the SAFF committee opened the invitation to all participating nations to express their interest in hosting the tournament.

At the end of the deadline for the applications, Nepal was the only country out of the seven South Asian nations to submit a bid to host the 14th edition of the SAFF Championship 2023. With only one applicant, there is a high likelihood that the tournament will take place in Nepal.

What are the reasons for the lack of interest among the South Asian countries to host the 14th edition of the SAFF Championship 2023?

Country Reason
Maldives Unpaid debts from 2021 tournament
India & Bhutan Not interested
Pakistan Security concerns
Bangladesh Bangabandhu Stadium not built
Sri Lanka Banned from FIFA

Nepal last hosted the SAFF Championship in 2013, after a decade-long wait. Now that the country is the only one that has submitted a bid to host the 14th edition of the tournament, there is a strong possibility that Nepal will host the event this time around.

Despite having hosted the tournament in the past, Nepal has never been crowned champions of the SAFF Championship. The country has been waiting for a long time to lift the trophy and this year’s competition may provide an opportunity for them to finally do so.

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