Martyr’s Memorial ‘C’ Division League 2024

Mark your calendars, Nepali football fans! The much-awaited Martyr’s Memorial ‘C’ Division League 2024 is about to kick off on April 4 (Chaitra 22), igniting the pitch with passion and thrill. Picture this: a high-stakes meeting between ANFA bigwigs and club maestros at the ANFA Complex in Satdobato, sealing the deal for the league’s epic start date.

But wait, there’s more! We’re talking serious cash prizes here. Imagine hoisting that trophy and walking away with a cool Rs 1 million for the champions, Rs 700,000 for the runners-up, and Rs 400,000 for the second runners-up. Plus, if you’re all about playing fair, there’s Rs 50,000 waiting for the Fair Play team, along with the Best Player snagging the same hefty sum.

And let’s not forget the unsung heroes of the game – the Highest Scorer and Best Goalkeeper pocketing Rs 35,000 each. But it doesn’t end there. Every match winner scores Rs 20,000, turning each game into a cash-loaded showdown. Even draws aren’t disappointing with both sides splitting Rs 7,500. And who’s stealing the spotlight? The Player of the Match, of course, pocketing Rs 5,000.

But hold on to your seats because ANFA is stepping up to the plate, dishing out Rs 1.1 million to each of the 14 clubs to ensure they’re geared up and ready to rock the field.

So, rally your squad, grab your lucky jersey, and get ready to witness football fever. Martyr’s Memorial ‘C’ Division League 2024 – it’s game on!

List of clubs for Martyr’s Memorial ‘C’ Division League 2024

  1. Birgunj Youth Academy (Relegated to C Qualifiers)
  2. Jhamsikhel Youth Club
  3. Mahabir Club
  4. Manohara Youth Club
  5. Oasis Club (Relegated to C Qualifiers)
  6. Pinnacle Khalibari Youth Club
  7. Pulchowk Sports Club
  8. Raniban Sports Club
  9. RC32 Football Academy
  10. Samaj Kalyan Club
  11. Samajik Youth Club
  12. Sanepa Club
  13. Sports Academy Sangha
  14. Swoyambhu Club
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