Kiran Chemjong Confident and Respectful Ahead of Nepal vs UAE

Nepal’s Goalkeeper Kiran Kumar Limbu Braces for UAE Challenge with Confidence and Sportsmanship; World Cup 2026 Qualifiers

In an exclusive interview, Nepal’s goalkeeper, Kiran Kumar, expressed unwavering confidence in his team’s preparation for the upcoming match against the formidable “Whites” and shed light on their approach to facing star striker Ali Mabkhout.

Kumar, known for his strong focus and dedication, emphasized the team’s respect for all competitors while acknowledging the limited knowledge about Mabkhout. He stated, “We certainly respect all competitors, but I do not know anything about Mabkhout, nor have I followed him. I know that there are 11 Emirati players on the field, most of whom are keen to score in the tournament.”

The goalkeeper highlighted the importance of preparing for the entire UAE team rather than focusing solely on individual players. “I have to prepare for everyone by focusing on my level and my fellow defenders, and not just on the opposing team,” he remarked.

With humility, Kumar acknowledged the distinguished status of the UAE team, labelling them as strong contenders for the World Cup 2026 qualification. He also emphasized the need for Nepal to assert themselves on the international stage, especially considering their relative inexperience in high-stakes qualifiers.

Where to watch Nepal vs. UAE live?

“While we came to enjoy the match, we also try to strongly announce that our country’s team, have little international experience, but we believe in our abilities and play with passion and desire to win, with great respect for the capabilities of the strong UAE national team,” Kumar added.

In the spirit of sportsmanship, Kumar expressed his eagerness to get acquainted with Mabkhout and the rest of the “White” players on the field, recognizing the challenge that lies ahead. As Nepal aims to make a mark in the qualifiers, Kumar’s words reflect the team’s determination and belief in their capabilities.

Follow the thrilling clash between Nepal and the UAE as both teams vie for victory and a step closer to World Cup qualification. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting match that promises skillful plays and intense competition on the field.

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