Johan Kalin will not return, ANFA is preparing to appoint a new coach


The head coach of the Nepal national football team, Johan Kalin, will not return to Nepal. Indraman Tuladhar, secretary-general of the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA), said that due to the Corona epidemic, the Swedish government would not allow him to leave the country and the possibility of his return is very small.

During his coaching, Nepal participated in the 2022 FIFA World Cup and 2023 Asian Cup qualifiers. Nepal lost to Kuwait (7-0 and 1-0) in the second round of World Cup qualifiers, as well as Australia (5-0) and Jordan (3-0). They won Chinese Taipei (2-0).

Swedish coach Kalin signed a contract for the head coach of Nepal in January 2019, and the contract will last until December 2020. After announcing a nationwide lockdown due to the Corona epidemic, he returned home.


Kalin first match for Nepal was against Kuwait in 2 matches friendly series. Nepal drew the first match 0-0 and lost the second match 1-0 in 2019 March. Nepal also played against Malaysia in a friendly and lost 2-0 under his coaching.

Johan’s first goal for Nepal under his coaching came against Chinese Taipei in a friendly. Abhishek Rijal scored for Nepal against Taipei in a friendly which ended with 1-1 draw.

Without Johan Kalin, Nepal played an international friendly match series with Bangladesh on November 13 and 17. Nepal lost the 2 matches series against Bengali Tigers. Nepal lost the first match 2-0 and drew second match 0-0. Now, ANFA technical committee meeting to be held will discuss the appointment process of the new coach. Nepal have 3 remaining matches to be played in World Cup and Asian Cup Qualifiers.

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