Fortis FC Cancels Anjan Bista’s Signings Due to Injury

Fortis FC, the esteemed Bangladeshi club, encountered a significant setback in their recent transfer plans due to unexpected circumstances. Nepal international Anjan Bista, who eagerly anticipated bolstering the squad after an announcement on March 8, 2024, unfortunately, suffered a severe injury during national team duty. This blow came as he tore his MCL in a World Cup 2026 Qualifiers match against Bahrain.

Regrettably, Fortis FC had to make the tough decision to terminate Anjan’s signing. With his recovery anticipated to span 2-3 weeks, it became apparent that his absence would profoundly impact the team’s performance in crucial matches.

Adding to the adversity, the club had recently signed Bista, a move met with fervent enthusiasm from fans. However, faced with the grim prospect of yet another player being sidelined due to injury, Fortis FC had no choice but to terminate Bista’s contract as well, considering the potential long-term implications.

Despite these hurdles, Fortis FC remains unwavering in their commitment to prioritizing the well-being of their players. While these unforeseen challenges necessitate adjustments, the club remains resolute in their pursuit of maintaining a competitive edge in the Bangladesh Premier League.

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