Deepa Shahi Reflects on Heartbreaking WAFF Championship 2024 Loss

Sincere Apologies to Nepali Fans in Saudi: We Couldn’t Secure the Trophy

Nepal’s star player, Deepa Shahi, recently shared her feelings following the devastating defeat in the WAFF Championship Women 2024 final. It was a tough match against Jordan, and sadly, Nepal couldn’t clinch the victory.

What made the loss even harder for Shahi was the incredible support they received from Nepali fans in Saudi Arabia, where the final took place. These fans, many of whom were working there, cheered for Nepal tirelessly throughout the tournament. Some even made it to the stadium despite their busy schedules.

Shahi felt deeply saddened that they couldn’t bring home the trophy for these dedicated fans. She understood the hopes they had pinned on the team and apologized sincerely for not being able to meet their expectations.

Despite the loss, Shahi expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from the Nepali community in Saudi Arabia. She recognized their passion and unwavering encouragement, which had been a driving force for the team throughout the tournament. As Nepal’s journey in the championship concluded, Shahi’s words highlighted the strong bond between the team and its supporters, showing the resilience and unity of Nepali football.

Unfortunate Penalty: Luck Wasn’t on Our Side

In reflecting on the final match, Deepa Shahi acknowledged the immense motivation within the team. However, she pointed out that the absence of Sabitra Bhandari and the injuries to Rashmi Kumari Ghising and Preeti Rai during the final match posed significant challenges for Nepal.

Despite these setbacks, Shahi emphasized that the team performed admirably, showing their skills and determination on the field. Ultimately, she recognized that in sports, victory isn’t always guaranteed, and unfortunately, they fell short in the penalty shootout.

Shahi candidly reflected on the outcome of the final, expressing her belief that penalty shoot-outs often come down to luck. With a touch of resignation, she conceded that on that particular day, luck was not on Nepal’s side, leading to their loss.

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