Anjan Bista lost to Gokulam Kerala in his I-League debut

Anjan Bista, a promising young talent from Nepal, made his debut for Mumbai Kenkre in the I-League, but unfortunately, his first match ended in a loss.

Bista suffered a 1-0 loss in his debut match for Mumbai Kenkre in the I-League against Gokulam Kerala. He recently transferred from Nepali club Church Boys United for the first time to a foreign league.

Mumbai Kenkre is in a difficult position, being 11th on the table in a 12-team league and facing potential relegation. The loss against Gokulam Kerala will add more pressure to the team, but they still have a chance to turn things around. The team needs to focus on improving their performance, work hard and make a comeback.

The upcoming match between Mumbai Kenkre and RoundGlass Punjab will be a highly anticipated event as two of Nepal’s top players, Anjan Bista and Kiran Chemjong will be facing off against each other.

Anjan, the highest goal scorer at the present time in Nepal national team, will go head-to-head with Kiran, the national team captain, and goalkeeper. This match is expected to be an exciting display of talent and skill as both players aim to lead their respective teams to victory. With both players having a strong following, this match is sure to be watched closely by fans and supporters of Nepalese football.

RoundGlass Punjab is currently at the top of the table and is a strong contender to win the league, while Mumbai Kenkre is fighting to avoid relegation and is determined to save its place in the I-League.

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